Izak Jackson
I’m a filmmaker and storyteller with a passion for helping brands share their authentic voice using videos. I regularly create tutorials, reviews and BTS vlogs.

Don’t make the mistake of spending a fortune on camera equipment when first getting started. You don’t need the best gear to create quality marketing videos and here’s why.

Utilise Video Gear You Already Have

YouTube is the number one place you should be publishing your video content if you want to get seen. I’ve put together my top 3 tips for growing your brand on YouTube in 2022.

To achieve a high quality picture for live streaming and video calls, at the fraction on the cost, I’m going to tell you how you can use your phone as a webcam.

Phones vs Traditional Webcams

Everyone is looking for the magic formula to make their videos go viral. but the question is, does one exist? Let’s explore the best way to grow your audience, increase brand awareness and boost sales with video.

This is why every business should be creating weekly educational videos in 2022.

Builds Trust

It’s vital to plan your videos if you want to create high quality, engaging content that gets you results. Here’s why.

Helps You Identify Key Messages

If you understand the 5 stages of video marketing, you will have the knowledge needed to create higher quality videos that get you results.

Want to create professional looking videos but not sure who’s the best fit for you? Here’s a run down of all the things to look out for in a great video production company.

What is the difference between A-Roll and B-Roll, why do you need to use both, and how can you successfully incorporate them into your next video?

What is A-Roll?

Izak Jackson

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